About Us

As a mom I was alway looking for a more natural way to treat or support my girls, and by not being a master mind or clued up about essential oils I found it very hard to use , because it can be very dangerous if not used correctly. 

I then upskilled and educate myself with help from professionals to come up with a safe , easy to use and affordable product. ROLLEROILS

They are organic , COSMOS Certified by ECOCERT and Produced by SOIL.

Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

We have an Greenpop partnership | Help us plant trees

THE PROBLEM: Africa is the world’s most rapidly urbanising continent.

Between 2000 and 2030 the urban population will more than double and urban space will increase by more than 700%. As this happens, ecosystems and the essential natural assets they provide will come under threat. During this time of expansion and innovation, it is imperative that natural spaces are both protected and incorporated into urban landscapes.

THE SOLUTION: By conserving and restoring ecosystems, we can ensure a sustainable future.

Rolleroils has partnered with Greenpop, a Cape Town based NGO, to contribute towards conserving and restoringecosystems across Sub-Saharan Africa. Greenpop’s work includes planting trees and vegetation in urban greening and reforestation projects and, to date, they have planted 139,000 trees. Since 18 Oct 2021 we are proud to have planted 2 of those trees in their projects.

Learn more about their work at www.greenpop.org